Cafes are the most fun places on earth. There is friendship, dating, buzzing businesses and even relationships. But what is most important is the taste of a savory cupcake and the smell of a delicious coffee brewing in the kitchen. If you want to be the owner of such a place, we congratulate you. This decision shows that you are passionate about coffee and have a few recipes of your own that you would love to share with the world.

2018 could be your year. You could start a popular coffee shop in your area that is frequented by students, executives, and tourists alike. However, you will need to make a solid plan before you get started. Here is some advice that will help you go a long way.

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Get a Good Coffee Maker

Get a Good Coffee Maker

The star of your menu will be a great cup of coffee. This is an area where compromise will bring down the quality and the overall service experience of your shop. Plenty of coffee makers provide you great brewing options and that too for less than a thousand dollars. Of course, if you are ready to spend more, you can always buy a more sophisticated machine.

Your coffee maker should allow you set the temperature, brewing time, grind size and pressure. Moreover, it should provide quick follow up times so you can serve multiple cups of coffee without having to wait for minutes.

A good coffee maker should be durable, easy to use and come with multiple brew customization options. Some products even allow you to make your drink automatically, by just pressing a few buttons. They come with pre-decided brewing settings which could let you make an Americano, a latte, a cappuccino or a good old espresso, along with various other fancy coffee drinks. Don’t start a coffee shop unless you find a coffee maker that fits your budgets and demands.

Be Different

Be Different

Sociality coffee shops became a rage a few years ago. Every coffee shop in town offered specialty or gourmet coffees and ironically, all of them could taste the same. When you open a coffee shop, make sure that you are somewhat different. You can choose a décor that creates an instant impression in the minds of the customers. You could opt for different varieties or blends of coffee and even offer customized coffee sizes. You could even change something about the service or the menu at the shop to appear different and create a good, lasting impression.

Understand The Finances

Finances for coffee shop

Many people believe that coffee shops have huge margins and that they all are earning big bucks on low ticket items. This may not be true at all. There are numerous expenses that a business owner has to pay for. Therefore, even a high margin on your coffee will not earn you a significant amount of money. Your primary goal should be improving the volume of your sales. Regardless of what margin you earn, you will only make a decent profit if your sales volumes are high. Otherwise, your business will start failing.

Great Quality, Great Service

Great Service at coffee shop

You need to make coffees that people really like. This is an old business with plenty of competition. You are not getting any early bird advantages here. It will be vital to focus on providing great quality and great service to your customers. Both these factors will help in improving your sales volumes and ensuring customer loyalty.

Most people will come back to a coffee shop because the quality of their brew is fine and the staff was gentle and courteous. If they are treated with a smile and if they get their orders delivered to them in a jiffy, they will keep coming back to you. This is the only secret to creating and maintaining a long list of happy and satisfied customers.

Don’t Try To Compete With Big Brands

A small coffee shop in the neighborhood cannot compete with large coffee chains. You don’t have to feel inferior in any way, that too only because you don’t brew pink and green Frappuccino every holiday season. Big chains have bigger pockets and they will likely be able to spend more on marketing than you can. However, if you focus on providing good service, people will flock to your shop.

Smaller shops have a huge advantage over their large retail cousins. The baristas and staff at these coffee shops may know the customers personally. If you are friendly enough, you will be able to provide a safe and peaceful space for your patrons to enjoy a coffee, finish reading a book, or maybe complete a pending office project. As you develop camaraderie with the people who frequent your shop, you create a better feeling of community, which large coffee shops often lack.

This is the most important but the most overlooked factor that you must consider before opening a coffee shop. Your location decides the kind of customers you will serve, the types of coffee you will brew and the volume of sales you will experience. If there are many coffee shops around your proposed business location, you will have to think twice about your menu and coffee prices. Therefore, focusing on the location and serving what people want will help you become more popular.

So there were a few things that will take your business a notch higher. Follow our advice and you may become the owner of the coolest coffee shop in town. Make sure that you focus more on good quality brew and a courteous and experienced staff. Your customers should love the overall experience of coming to your coffee shop. Once they start liking the environment and service quality, they will keep coming back to you.

Finally, the most important aspect of a coffee shop business is the brew itself. Get quality coffee beans delivered to your coffee shop and make sure that you are brewing them fresh for your customers. This will help you get great coffee and good customers too!


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