More and more people are giving way to Ninja coffee bar in place of Nespresso as it is more convenient and easy to use. Making coffee has never been this comfortable and easy! The functions in a new machine can often be a little difficult to crack, which is why we have come up with this article to ninja coffee bar troubleshooting.

You also need to keep in mind that the functions that come with this machine are not that difficult either. You might find a couple of hitches here and there when you start brewing with it for the first few times but once you know how to fix them, you will be sorted.

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Ninja Coffee Bar Troubleshooting

These fix and repairs are not rocket science. Once you understand how to use it, it will be a smooth sail for you:

1. Not Supplying The Right Amount Of Coffee?

When you start using this coffee bar you might have a hint that the coffee machine is not brewing the expected amount of coffee. But it is should surely not be a matter of concern for you. The reason being is that the Ninja Coffee Bar comes in different shapes and sizes and every size brews a different quantity of coffee, depending on how much they can hold at one time.

An example of this is the difference between Over Ice type of brew as compared to the Classic brew of the Rich brew. The over Ice brew dispenses half the amount of coffee that the other two supplies, as it has been designed in a way that allows it to brew coffee directly over ice. Once you select the brew of your choice, all you need to do is keep a check on the amount of water you have added to the water reservoir. And that’s about it!

2. Can You Hear A Beeping Sound?

Sometimes you might be in a hurry and might forget to check if the drip has stopped but that is something that happens to a lot of us, especially those who need their first cup of coffee before leaving from office in the morning. The reason for the beeping sound is when you forget to properly tuck the basket of brew and properly open the drip stop. But now that you know it, do not forget to do it the next time.

3. Are You Not Able To Set The Delay Brew?

The Delay Brew function can bother you quite a bit, especially when you have purchased the machine lately. You need to set the right time on the digital clock to make the coffee bar work conveniently for you. And right after that make sure to check you properly open the drip stop. Along with it, ensure that the brew basket is properly pushed into it.

If the drip stop has been opened after setting the delay brew, the coffee bar will beep to notify you that the delay brew will stop now.

4. Does The Clean Button Confuse You?

The purpose of the Clean button is to warn you that your machine needs descaling now. You might have been avoiding this button all this while, but not until when the light turns on.

Once you hit the Clean button, the machine will automatically start a cleaning cycle efficiently. This helps you in getting rid of the coffee deposits on the bottom of the machine, allowing you to make you coffee smoother and tastier.

Apart from the functioning, it is important for you to also realize that you need to clean your coffee bar once a while on a regular basis.

5. Deposits At The Bottom Of The Cup?

Deposits occur at the bottom of the cup when you use the permanent filter often. You could even choose a paper filter instead of it.

The number four paper cone filter can also work great for you if you keep a check on the grind size.

We hope our Ninja coffee bar troubleshooting guide going to help you in the long run when you are using the Ninja Coffee Bar. If you are facing other issues apart from the ones cited here, you can drop in a line in the comment section below. No hurdle or fixing issue should come on the way of making amazing coffee for yourself. Get the brewer fixed if you are facing any issue and make yourself some fresh coffee right away.


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