Ninja Coffee Bar Reviews: Which One is Right for You?

Ninja Coffee Bar Reviews: Which One is Right for You?

Ninja Coffee Bar ReviewsWhen your day starts with coffee, there is no reason you shouldn’t invest in the right coffee bar. Now, you can get the coffee you want, throw in all the add-ons, experiment with your brew or just enjoy an espresso shot each morning. This equipment is not just high quality but brings you high-end brewing as well. Let’s find out the different ways a Ninja coffee bar brings you exquisite brews. Here are the Ninja Coffee Bar Reviews for its exquisite range of products.

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer Comparison

Let’s take a look at some important things to consider when buying a new Ninja brewer.


Carafe Type
Built-In Frother
Price Range


Carafe Type : Thermal
Built-In Frother : Yes
Rating : 4.9/5
Price Range : Premium


Carafe Type : Glass
Built-In Frother : Yes
Rating : 4.8/5
Price Range : Premium


Carafe Type : N/A
Built-In Frother : Yes
Rating : 4.6/5
Price Range : Budget


Carafe Type : Thermal
Built-In Frother : N/A
Rating : 4.5/5
Price Range : Budget


Carafe Type : Glass
Built-In Frother : N/A
Rating : 4.3/5
Price Range : Budget

Ninja Coffee Bar Reviews 2018

The brand comes with a wide variety, which is quite uncharacteristic of a drip coffee maker. With their innovative technology, each of the products come with a fantastic look and a range of features that will suit every audience. Let’s learn about some of their top offerings.

#1 Ninja Coffee Bar CF097

Ninja Coffee Bar CF097The new model is an upgrade over the CF085Z, which is one of their best-selling products to date. From the technology point of view, this product is perfect. It comes with a signature brew Café Forte that helps in getting the most delicious tastes, thanks to its thermal flavor extraction technology. The water reservoir of the system is detachable, which means that cleaning is easier than ever. If you like to customize your coffee and enjoy a range of blends, from iced coffee to a rich espresso, this machine should be your choice.

The carafe is a 50 oz. a thermally insulated piece of art that keeps the liquid hot for longer. It has an Over Ice Carafe as well which means iced drinks give you the best flavor possible. The Auto-iQ One- Touch Intelligence technology makes brewing easier and more automated. It also has a descaling indicator which helps you in keeping the machine in top shape. However, the coffee doesn’t stay warm for more than an hour in the Thermal Carafe without the heating plate, which could be a problem for some users. Also, the machine doesn’t come with auto-brewing stopping technology.

#2 Ninja Coffee Bar CF091

Ninja Coffee Bar CF091If you have a big family or prefer to make the coffee for a whole day of use in just one go, then this is the machine you are looking for. It has several options to create milk and cream coffees, and customers have also given it a high star rating.

It is one of the bestselling products by the company which suits small families as well as office kitchens. This one is one of the best pieces available in the market.

Just like our previous equipment, this machine too has a 50 oz. glass carafe. It easily fills in 10 cups in a single brewing. The coffee always has a full-bodied taste and texture, thanks to the robust Specialty and Café Forte techniques. It also comes with a built-in frother, which lands all fancy coffee lovers in utopia. The frother gives piping hot milk each time for a drink you will never forget attached to the side of the machine. If you like to host guests at home, you won’t be able to live without this machine. Even with so many features, the machine remains comparatively affordable.

One problem that we faced with the machine was that it doesn’t come with a milk steamer. Because of this, the milk must be steamed separately before frothing. It has less customizable cup sizes which could be problematic to some.

#3 Ninja Coffee Bar CF112

Ninja Coffee Bar CF112Ninja Coffee Bar CF112 gives single-serve pod machines a run for their money; this equipment is designed for the caffeine lovers who cannot compromise on the rich texture of their brew. This single serve coffee maker from Ninja is for those who never compromise on quality with premixes and pods.

The machine comes with several features that help in creating better brews and customizing them according to the needs of the user.

This model is clean, neat, and very versatile. It is not as bulky as its other counterparts, making it a perfect addition to bachelor kitchens as well. The good part is that you can create endless types of brews with this machine. Given a choice between a fancy homemade coffee and a Starbucks variety, you will always choose the first.

You get Café Forte here as well, which means the taste will always be robust. Though it is a single serve, it can also be attached with a 22 oz. multi-serve hot and cold tumbler. It is perfect for making coffee for a family of 4 or a small gathering. The good news is that it comes with a useful hot and cold built-in frother that helps you brew a large variety of drinks.

Moreover, the Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction technology gives your coffee a perfect, rich flavor that you would love. It helps in extracting the ground to its fullest, making the taste better each time. You also get a 1-year limited warranty with this product.

However, its primary strength lies in the fact that it provides very high-quality brews. You can’t fit in a half or full carafe, but it works with most other sizes.

#4 Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer CF085Z

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer CF085ZThough an upgrade to this model is available, there is no denying that the CF085Z is a dream come true for many shoppers. This budget option provides you premium quality brews, which was one of the primary reasons why it received widespread acclaim. The machine grounds the beans so evenly and perfectly that the result is always a rich and flavorful cup of Joe. The thermally insulated carafe comes with double stainless walls. Your coffee can remain hot for up to 2 hours in this little container.

Though it is a drip brewer, it saturates the beans first and then runs a full brew cycle. Therefore, some people believe that its taste is closer to a homemade pour-over drink. At 15 inches, it fits in perfectly in most kitchens. The neutral and dark colors of the piece help it in looking fresh and blend it well in any kind of kitchen décor. Even if your kitchen is painted in a bright yellow color, this machine will fit in with ease.

One problem with this machine is that it doesn’t have a built-in frother. You may have to buy it separately. Also, it doesn’t serve XL cup and XL multi-serve which makes it better for single-serve or serving small gatherings. If you can compromise on these features, you will bring home a machine that has been a favorite for years now.

#5 Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer CF080Z

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer CF080ZThis mid-priced model is right for people who are looking for premium quality brews but at a reasonable price. A good value for money, this machine is everything you are looking for, and more. It can be used at home or in office kitchens too.

The glass carafe is not just beautiful but also comes with a warning plate because of which the coffee always remains at the right temperature.

It comes with a hot and cold insulated tumbler measuring 18 oz that is good for a small family or for serving 3 to 4 people at a time. You can enjoy this coffee on the go or save it for later.

The model comes with a detachable water reservoir that helps in descaling the equipment with great ease. It is also dishwasher safe, which means an easy and thorough cleanse each time. Just like its other mid-priced counterparts, the machine doesn’t come with a built-in frother and doesn’t fit in XL, and XL multi-serve cups. Though Café Forte is available, this brew type may not be shown on the display list.

How To Select The Right Coffee Brewer For Your Kitchen?

ninja coffee bar brewer

As mentioned above, Ninja provides a wide variety of options that you can use to get the best quality coffee each day. However, how will you decide which machine suits your needs the most? Here is a handy guide to find out.

The Type

As you have read already, the top Ninja models come with glass or thermal pot systems. If you do not have enough time to make fresh coffee each time, use a thermal carafe variety. It keeps the drink hot and fresh for longer. These insulated pieces are usually the best for people who don’t like over-brewed drinks.

The glass carafe is useful for those who like fresh coffee each time. These non-insulated containers don’t keep the coffee warm but may come with a warming plate that helps in maintaining a certain temperature for hours at a stretch. Furthermore, you can always see who much drink you have brewed. Some models also come with a dual pot system in which you can brew two different drinks at the same time. They have double pots as well as double brewing stations.


Eventually, your budget will decide the kind of coffee maker you bring home. It is easy to decide the type of brewer and then sort them according to the budget to find the perfect model for you. The good news is that Ninja provides a great drip brewing option for every budget, so you don’t have to worry about quality.

In case you’re a visual person, here is a video review of the Ninja coffee bar.

What Type Of Coffee To Use With Ninja Models?

Ground coffee is always the best option. While pre-ground coffee can be used as well, the flavor will never be the same. None of the models mentioned above can be used with pod premixes. Therefore, you would need a steady supply of the beans of our choice handy always.

The New thing In Drip Coffee

Keurig and other coffee makers have taken the old school charm of drip coffee making away. With their quick brews and premixes that offer a variety of blends with a click of a button, the drip coffee makers have had a hard time in keeping up. However, with Ninja, these machines are enjoying a quick makeover. The innovative new kitchen equipment keeps the sanctity and taste of the drip coffee intact, which you can never achieve in the instant coffee makers.

Most of the equipment come with over a 100 different coffeehouse-style brews that you can easily make at home or in office. Setting up this machine is very simple. Just unbox it and find the carafe, water container, French press, and the machine. Assemble all the pieces together. If you have handled a coffee machine before, it will be very easy to do. If not, then too it will be a no-brainer to put everything together. When done, simply plug in the machine to any three-plug socket. As the display lights up, press the H and M buttons to set the time, and you are ready to go.

The Size And Style

The Ninja machines aren’t exactly slim and light. They have a larger, bulkier frame which means that you can’t simply slide them into a kitchen cabinet. Small kitchens will have to work extra hard to create enough space for these machines. However, we wouldn’t classify them as ‘extremely bulky’ or ‘super-sized.’ Yes, they are slightly bigger, but the value they provide will usually make up for the small inconvenience. Given that they are not coffee pod machines, you should expect the drip coffee maker to be somewhat larger than a Keurig.

Most of their top-selling machines have similar design themes. The dark blacks and shiny bright chrome palettes will give you a premium appeal, even if you are buying a budget option. This isn’t all. The carafes used in these machines are also quite stylish. Their designs are classic and timeless. They can fit into any kitchen with ease, but their best appeal is reflected in modern and minimalistic kitchens. You can use them in traditional kitchens as well. They can quietly be in their corner and be the workhorses they are meant to be.


Ninja machines always get a 4.5/5 rating from our experts, thanks to their extraordinary quality and the delicious, rich, and warm brews that their models produce. Though some machines don’t come with a built-in frother or milk steamer, they are still quite amazing to use. They won’t give you coffee in an instant, but you can always count on the quality.

An average Ninja coffee bar sells for $100 to $150 a piece. This isn’t one of the lowest priced pieces on the market, but it is worth the cost. The good news about these machines is that they can be used at home as well as coffee shops with ease. Some of them come with awesome presets that can help in making fancy café-style brews with just a few clicks.

We found that this coffee machine lasts years on a stretch. There are several users who have left rave reviews for the design sense and durability of these machines which you will appreciate as well. Whether you buy a budget coffee bar or a premium option, you can expect high-quality brewing, give or take a few extra features. It is a MUST BUY for everyone who enjoys coffee.

So, here’s hoping our Ninja Coffee Bar Reviews did help you choose the perfect Ninja for your kitchen, for any queries or follow-ups, use the comment section below 🙂

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