Turkish coffee is a typical brewing method in Turkey which is made in a pot called ibrik. An ibrik or cezve comes with a narrow neck, a wide bottom and a longer handle. Once the coffee is made, it is served in a small coffee cup called the finjans. In this article, we will guide you through making an authentic and exotic Turkish coffee at home.

How to Make Turkish Coffee at Home

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Items required in making Turkish coffee

Here are the essential items to keep in mind when you prepare Turkish coffee:

  • An ibrik or cezve.
  • A heat source.
  • Fresh coffee beans.
  • A grinder.
  • Sugar.
  • A metal spoon.

How to Make Turkish Coffee at Home

Making Turkish coffee can become a great mess if you do not know how to use the right technique for it. To make a typical cup of Turkish coffee, follow the steps below:
How to make Turkish coffee

1. The Beans

The coffee beans have to be roasted at first and then you have to ground them well to ensure that its taste and aroma is locked. If you want to enjoy a smooth cup of Turkish coffee, make sure that the coffee is grounded well. Only then can you move to the next step.

2. Brew It

Fill the pot with cold water up to the neck. Now you can start brewing it. Hereafter, add sugar to it but make sure to not mix it. Once it is dissolved, add coffee to it and let the coffee float on the top of the water, which means you are not supposed to stir it.

3. Sugar

Add sugar to the pot as per your taste requirement. Sugar is also called Sade in Turkish language.

4. Heat the Pot

Once all the above is done, eventually start heating the pot. Wait until the sugar caramelizes to make the coffee taste sweeter. Once you notice that the water has boiled you can take the pot (cezve) off the stove and hereafter, add 4 full teaspoons of coffee to it. Only this time should you stir it!

5. Stir

Once you have stirred it, put the pot back on the stove. You will notice that after some time, the mixture will dissolve in the water well and when the water will boil well, it will reach the top of the pot. Now slow down the heat and let the mixture settle very well. No again stir the top of the drink with a small spoon to ensure that you make your drink get rid of the bubbles.

Again, get the pot back on the stove and repeat this twice.

6. Remove froth

After repeating the above steps thrice, your Turkish coffee will be ready. However, make sure to remove the froth that will be layering on the top delicately.


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