It’s Coffee Time! The idea of a “coffee break” makes so much sense especially when you’ve been working all day long. The refreshing feel that coffee brings with itself is unmatched. Sometimes, even the aroma of the coffee can help soothe us. When you are at a coffeehouse and a coffee is placed on the table, you find yourself looking for a sweetener to add to it. We reach out for a packet of sugar, the most popular sweetener but not the healthiest, we are well aware of it, aren’t we?

This is when Honey comes to our rescue. So let us see if honey is actually a healthy option or just a passing fad. First, let us gain a brief knowledge of honey.

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Honey: Types And Tastes

The following are the ways honey is procured and processed.

  1. Liquid honey is the honey that is extracted from the beehive is the liquid honey and is golden in color. The honey that we usually use is in liquid form.
  2. Comb honey is procured directly from the beehive. It is very beneficial since it reduces the level of bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. It contains a substance that have antioxidants in it, thus preventing liver problems.
  3. Granulated honey as the name suggests comes in a granulated or powdered form. It made by freezing honeycombs to get rid of excess water it has in it. It is easy to dissolve this granulated honey in liquids.
  4. Creamed honey is a mixture of both granulated honey and liquid honey in the 1:9 granulated-liquid honey ratio. It is then frozen so it acquires a good cream like the base for applying on bread.
  5. Chunk honey is comb honey stored in a jar with liquid honey poured over it.

Types Of Honey: Raw vs. Pasteurized Honey

Honey is also categorized into two categories:

#1 Raw

Raw honey is the honey which is naturally produced and we use it without processing it. Raw honey has antibacterial properties and benefits our health in a lot of ways.

#2 Pasteurized

Pasteurized honey is the honey that is processed to remove some bacteria. In simpler words, it is basically raw honey minus all the benefiting properties that former has.

How Does Honey Affect the Taste of Coffee

If health is your first priority then most definitely honey is your answer, it has the necessary nutrients and does not negatively harm you in any way.

For most of the coffee drinkers, health is not the only concern, had that been the case people would have preferred to their drink black coffee-or would have stopped drinking coffee and would start to drink water instead. TASTE. Taste is the reason a lot of people prefer coffee.

coffee honey

Such is the case with a sweetener. Sugar has a clear advantage over honey- because evidently, it is a better sweetener. On the other hand, honey has a strong flavor that doesn’t always mix well with coffee.

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to processed sugar, try sweetening your coffee with honey. In fact, try a few different kinds of honey in a few different coffees. Maybe there will be a combination you like. Likely, you’ll come back to table sugar or search for a different way to sweeten your coffee. You’ll never know until you try honey, though.

Health Benefits Of Using Honey

Scientifically speaking, sugar consists of 50 percent fructose and 50 percent glucose while honey consists of 40 percent fructose, 30 percent glucose and the remaining is water. Evidently honey has higher levels of fructose rather than glucose. Fructose is sweeter than glucose, therefore even if we add a small quantity of honey, the result will be sweet.

Whereas processed sugar, which we consume on a daily basis, has refined fructose which is associated with obesity and diabetes. Using it in a huge quantity throughout the day will harm our body in the near future.


Use honey instead of sugar wherever and whenever it is possible. It will not taste as good as sugar but would help your body magically. Try and acquire the taste of the honey! Try to minimize your processed sugar consumption.


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