An elegant and sleek coffee maker and awesome store-bought ground coffee (or coffee beans, if you like it that way) are the two perfect ingredients to kick-start your mornings. However, when it comes to traveling, many coffee fans are starved for options. It isn’t easy to get a delicious brew while you are traveling. You will have to depend on cafes but you can never be sure that you will be getting the taste you are habitual of.

While traveling comes with its own set of compromises with food and beverages, you may want to brew your own coffee someday. You could be short of options, but there are some cool hacks that can help you get the same home-brewed coffee taste, even when you are nowhere close to your abode.

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1. When You Are Out In The Wild

When You Are Out In The Wild

You could be going camping or fishing over the weekend, thinking about getting some fresh air and spending time in nature. But wait! What about your coffee? You will not have access to electricity or even a brewer. This could make things complicated for you. If you are habitual of starting your day with a strong brew, you may feel like a zombie through the day. Don’t worry. There is a way to get good coffee even when you don’t have access to a coffee maker.

All you need is instant coffee, a spoon, a mug and hot water. Milk and sugar are optional for this quick coffee drink. Start with boiling water. Get a gooseneck kettle and boil some water. Add some coffee in a mug (depending on how strong you want it), mix a little hot water and start blending the mxi with the help of a spoon.  Make sure that you don’t add much water. Just mix enough to make a paste.

Keep blending the coffee with the spoon, just like you would whisk an egg. After a while, you will notice some froth developing in the mug. The color of your coffee ground will go from dark brown to light brown. At this time, you can add some sugar (don’t add all at once. Mix slowly) and a few drops of milk. Whisk again and keep doing it until froth develops. Then add a little more water or milk.

If you want black coffee, skip the sugar and milk part and you will be good to go. This coffee may not be as delicious as a home-made brew, but it is usually strong enough for waking you up in the morning. The more you whisk, the smoother the taste of the coffee.

2. When You Are In A Hotel Room

Coffee in hotel room

Okay, we understand that not all travelers are lurking around in the wilderness, miles away from electricity, and a brewer. Most of us will be in hotel rooms, thinking about which brand of coffee to make while checking the beverages available. The brewer available in the hotel room isn’t one of the best you will find around. If things aren’t right, you will end up with a bland and watery coffee. So here is what you will need to do.

First, run the brewer without any coffee. This will help you understand the temperature at which the hotel brewer makes coffee. If the water isn’t hot enough for you, just use the preheated water. This could help in keeping the temperature on the higher end for your coffee. Moreover, you could think about running the brewer with plain water first and then dump it just for cleaning the appliance. If the water is hot enough for your tastes, go ahead and boil it twice or simply make your coffee in the second attempt.

Not running the brewer with plain water before using may make your coffee taste funny. Many regular travelers have complained that their regular brands taste different when used with hotel brewers. This nifty little hack will bring the taste back to your coffee.

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3. For The Coffee Fanatic

People will go to any length to ensure that they get the coffee they want, no matter where they go. There are two simple ways of doing this. The first is to use a hand grinder. These grinders are good for people who do not like the taste and aroma or instant coffee or packaged coffee grind. They like to brew freshly ground coffee beans only. You will have to carry coffee beans and this little hand grinder with you while traveling but if you can’t compromise with the quality of your coffee, this is only a small price you have to pay.

The hand grinders are usually very small and will fit into any bag with ease. You do all the grinding work manually, but that is little effort compared to the great taste you will be getting. You will need some hot water after the grinding is done to get the coffee you always tasted at home.

Another good way to get a good coffee when you are away from home is to use Aeropress. Everyone who loves coffee and travels a lot is familiar with this small device that brings to you delicious coffee quickly, whenever and wherever you want. You can press the coffee quickly but you will need a separate device for getting hot water. It doesn’t work as a kettle but it can make coffee for you, brewed quite like home in a jiffy.

Note that Aeropress is good for people who will be staying in a hotel. What if you want good coffee at a wilder place? Opt for the jet boil. This product collapses into a very compact size and comes with a small fuel tank that can boil water at any time. You can attach a French press with this little canister and get great coffee anywhere you want.

These were some of the best options for getting an awesome brew while you are traveling. Try these options the next time you are traveling and you will never miss your brew ever again.


Grant is the man behind Just Coffee Maker, a site dedicated to the art of brewing coffee manually! Grants's writing is unpretentious and really captures the beauty of the ritual in making great coffee.

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  1. Shannon Quinn Reply

    Great article on travel coffee but you forgot one other simple method. I have used a Bodum Travel Mug Press (available on Amazon) everywhere from an Alaskan wilderness camp to a modern hotel room and it works great. The ability to brew and drink your favorite coffee from this little device is very convenient for even the most weight conscious coffee lover. I’ve used the same one for five years now with no issues. All you need is hot water!


    Shannon Quinn
    Coffee Afficionado

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