What Are The Factors To Consider Before Choosing An Espresso Machine For Home/ Office

What Are The Factors To Consider Before Choosing An Espresso Machine For Home/ Office

Coffee is one of the most loved beverages in the world, only after tea. All thanks to the cafe culture and the progress of innovation, coffee lovers are experimenting with newer ways to devour their cup of delight. Those who know the taste of best-brewed coffee know what it takes to make a cup all by themselves. Making a coffee is an art and when a machine excels in this art then why take the worries about fixing a cup manually. For those who look for ways to make their own cup of coffee at home or in office, an espresso machine comes in handy.

The thought of having a perfect espresso coffee is a good driving force for anyone to buy a machine. It can be a manual one to a fully automatic machine – the ultimate test of the machine is when it manages to give that perfect coffee. In this article, we will share with you the important factors that you need to consider before buying an espresso machine. If you are a coffee lover who loves to make his or her own coffee, this article is an absolute must-read for you!

Types of Espresso Machine

types of espresso machines

There are various types of espresso machines available on the market these days. You can differentiate between them by their usage whether in the office or at home, namely domestic and commercial.

Domestic machines are smaller and focus on providing instant coffee without any fancy features. The commercial machines are bigger, long lasting and come with advanced features like heating wands, insulation, and low-pressure pre-infusion. Domestic machines are cheaper while commercial machines may cost a small fortune.

10 Important Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Espresso Machine

Different people have different considerations to make when buying an appliance for themselves. What people want in an espresso machine varies enough that you can find a wide range of options on the market. In order to find the machine that is ideal for you, here are 10 important factors you need to consider before buying the best espresso machine for yourself:

1. Ease Of Use

It is important to check how much water the machine can store. Moreover, the amount of beans it can store is the vital factor to consider. One does not need to make many trips to the machine for the process of filling it with water. In addition to that, if someone has a large family that loves coffee, going for one that has a larger storage capacity is ideal.

If you want a machine with which much of the process is automated, you can easily find one. You can even find models that will make some of the more complicated espresso drinks like cappuccinos with the press of a button.

If you think convenience is your foremost priority, go for an espresso machine that falls into one of the high end automated categories and has programmable settings. Also, make sure that you find all the buttons and added features intuitive before you make the purchase.

2. Durability

A commercial machine is more durable than a domestic machine. If you are looking for a sleek design and long-lasting product, any European brand will be a blind bet. Many of the higher-end espresso machine models come with a warranty, which can give you some idea of what to expect from their durability.

Based on brand reputation and reviews, you can gain a clearer picture of just how long you can count on a particular model to last. Moreover, the highly automated models with electric parts will need repairs more often than the manual espresso machines.

3. Ease Of Cleaning

If you end up buying an espresso machine that is easy to use but takes a lot of labour to clean it, then in actual you have not got for yourself a worth the price espresso machine. Hence, make sure that you have an idea of what it will involve in cleaning your espresso machine before you purchase a model by considering all the other features. Here’s a rule of thumb – the more features and components your espresso machine will have, the longer will be the process of cleaning it.

4. In-built Grinder

Having coffee that is fresh ground can make a difference in flavour and hence having a grinder that is part of your espresso machine itself can become convenient and also save you space. This feature can be useful for those who have limited space in their kitchen or pantry, and also don’t wish to purchase an extra coffee grinder. You can differentiate between coffee machines based on their grinders. Burr grinders are usually available in commercial models. The same goes for ceramic grinders. Domestic machines come with steel grinders.

5. Brewing

The ideal brewing temperature for a pot of coffee is 196°F to 205°F, so if you’re really into (good-tasting) coffee, you’ll want to make sure that you buy a machine that can brew at high heat. Hint: Most top-of-the-line machines will list their brewing temps on the box or online. If the info is missing, that might be a sign to steer clear.

6. Programmable Setting

Once you know how you like your espresso best, you can know the programs in your espresso machine and make it convenient and easy to use for yourself in the future. Some machines will let you program settings for multiple individuals so that all members in your family and in your office can make their perfect shot more easily.

7. Your Drink Preference

This is a big subject on which lots of people have opinions. If you’re new to making espresso at home, frankly you might not need to worry about the particulars. Or if you prefer mochas or cappuccinos where the flavor of the espresso plays a role but isn’t as prominent as it is when drinking an espresso shot straight, you may be satisfied with the espresso made from any of the machines you find. If you do really care about the quality of your espresso flavor (or think you might start to as you experiment more with making it at home), then there are a lot of things to consider. If you’re not too sure yet where your preferences fall, we suggest you to stick to a mid-range model.

8. Size

Some espresso machines can get really big in their size and take in a lot of space of your kitchen or pantry. You will find it extremely difficult to fit it in. Many of the larger models make two espresso shots at once or have extra useful features, which can be beneficial that make the big size worth it.

9. Water Filter

The quality of your water will influence the overall flavor of your espresso. An espresso maker with a water filter built in can help ensures any extra flavor your water might have won’t affect the drinks you make.

10. Price

Check your budget before buying. Your needs may not always match your budget, but you should always try to find a machine that provides you top quality brews at a reasonable price. The price range for espresso machines is huge and there are so many factors that can make a difference in cost that it’s hard to generalize. In some higher end models, you’re paying more for durability and quality of materials.

If you are the kind who is particular about the flavour of their espresso or how much time you think you might spend to prepare it, then an espresso machine that will be within the higher end of the price range is going to be worth it for you.

If you are not too bothered about the ease of use and is satisfied with anything caffeine then you could consider many of the lower end models as well.


By now you might have understood that there’s more to an espresso machine than just a good cup of coffee. What type of coffee your espresso machine produces and what method is involved is equally important. Hence it is important to have prior knowledge of the features and details of it before you plan to buy one. A user-friendly, adaptive, easy to clean and energy-efficient espresso machine will make your coffee-drinking sessions much more relaxing.

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