For this post, I have put together all the types of coffee currently available.

Coffee is not just a beverage, it is part of our lives. Billions of people across the globe start their day with coffee. Due to the prevalence of coffee, there are varieties of coffee distinguished according to their ingredients, brewing methods, proportions of contents used. In earlier times roasted coffee beans were just brewed with hot water and coffee drink was made then, various contents were added, different methods were developed to improve its taste, texture. In the course of time, some coffee drinks like the Latte, Cappuccino got popular for improvisations and have sustained themselves for so many years since their advent.

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Nowadays, there are tons of coffee drinks available, It might have happened that you enter a coffee shop and feel perplexed looking at loads of coffee variants and then, stick to the old one which you always prefer. If you know the elements, the peculiarities of the classic coffee drinks then, you won’t be confused and can certainly try out new coffee drinks without fear of getting a wrong taste and make a better choice.

So, Let’s start exploring some classic types of coffee drinks starting with Espresso followed by Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White and many more.

10 Types Of Coffee To Try Before You Die

#1 Espresso


The Espresso is a shot of coffee without any milk or foam. It may seem that it is quite easy to make espresso but, it’s not true because it involves various procedures like grinding coffee, steaming water at the right temperature so that, the aroma of the freshness of coffee can be enjoyed. In Espresso you can have that pleasure of tasting the real coffee without tempering it. If you want to have a drink with a bitter tinge which gives a boost then, Espresso is your drink. Espresso is an important ingredient for some coffee drinks.

#2 Ristretto


If you want something stronger than an espresso then, Ristretto is your thing. Ristretto contains single shot if espresso but the water content is less which makes the coffee concentrate. Ristretto is served in a small amount the reason is quite viable as not many like bitter stingy flavour.

#3 Latte


A Latte is made up of a shot of Espresso and steamed milk. It is also called milk coffee. It has a beautiful texture decorated with latte art, in which microfoam is poured over it and designs are created at the top. Latte is very much mild than an espresso as milk dilutes the flavour of strong coffee and makes it sweeter.

#4 Flat White

Flat White

Very few people can find out the difference between a latte and a Flat white for the contents used are actually the same but what makes them different is the ratio of coffee to milk and the consistency. The Flat white has more coffee content than a Latte. Flat white is originated in Australia and New Zealand in the late 80s.

#5 Cappuccino


The Cappuccino is the mixture of espresso, steamed milk, and milk-based foam and garnished with chocolate syrup which gives it dessert kind of flavour. It is quite sweet, creamy and frothy. A person with a sweet tooth will opt to have a cup of cappuccino. You can say that cappuccino is a denser version of a latte. A perfect cappuccino is made with the double shots of espresso, steamed milk, cream.

#6 Mocha


Mocha is also an espresso-based drink. The same contents that are used to make a latte are used for mocha but there an add-on to it that is hot chocolate. It is sugary and the mix of coffee and chocolate give it a distinctive flavour.

#7 Macchiato


A Macchiato can be a Caffe Macchiato or a Latte Macchiato. Caffe Macchiato has a single shot of espresso and very less amount of milk. The role of milk is just to soften the taste of the original espresso rather than diluting it. whereas, Latte Macchiato has just half shot of espresso, more milk and cream. The coffee taste is more camouflaged over milk.

#8 Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

The traditional Irish Coffee has Hot coffee, whiskey (yes, you are reading it right it contains whiskey ) and cream over it. Yum isn’t it? Most cafes don’t serve due to the liquor content, while some restaurants serve it as a cocktail. It will surely give you an exotic coffee experience.

#9 Affogato


An Affogato is a pure dessert with coffee over it. Ice cream is topped with espresso. If you love the savour of coffee and enjoy having desserts then, affogato is made for you.

#10 Frappe


Frappe is iced coffee. It is similar to a cappuccino it is frothy, creamy but it is cooled and ice cubes are added to it. It is mostly preferred during summer. Frappe is first made in Greece and it is also termed as the Greek frappe. Frappuccino is also a cold coffee beverage similar to Frappe.


All these types of coffee drinks are different and each one of them has something special to offer. If you get chance try tasting them and find out your own preference in the sphere of coffee.


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