Most of the people are addicted to coffee, espresso and lattes. Therefore, they usually visit the coffee shops, a cafeteria for having their drink. They typically like the coffee but not the price tag, which comes along with the coffee. Let me make it simple for you. An excellent espresso coffee at less price tag, what say? You can make your espresso drink at your home. This will not only save your money but also time as well. Best espresso machine under $100 is perfect for making this task done & also comes under the budget.

Making your espresso at home will save a lot of money. The plus point of making coffee at home is that you’ll never unsatisfied with the taste.

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Best Espresso Machine Under $100

1. Hamilton Beach 40792 Espresso Machine:

The thing I liked the most in this product is the pressure, which is perfect compare to the other ones on our list. The pressure is the only thing that affects the taste of any coffee.

The pressure in this machine will help you in making the strong and the best coffee at your home. The other best thing about this machine is, it comes with the option to use either ground espresso or pod. (Depends on the preference)

Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine Price: $99.99 Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 09/25/2019

The swivelling steam wand comes along with the machine make it most convenient for the use and also good for frothed milk. Best part about this espresso machine is? It comes along with a cup heater. So, you won’t be losing the heat from your cup. It is a perfect espresso machine and the model, which is easy to keep clean.

It means you will be able to keep this machine sanitary and keep the pure form of your drink. The only downside of this machine we found is the lukewarm cup on the first usage.

However, it can be solved using hot running water through the steam and the ground espresso. In the end, if you are looking for a perfect espresso machine with quality features and that too under the $100 budget, then Hamilton Beach 40792 is for you.

  • It has excellent pressure.
  • You can use both the pods or grounds espresso.
  • Swivelling steam wand.
  • Inclusion of cup warmer.
  • The first cup is always lukewarm.

2.  De’Longhi EC155 Espresso Maker

It is one of the best machines if you look for the budgeted ones over the market. You can use either the pods’ espresso or ground espresso.

It gives you extra flexibility while using this product. You’ll be surprised that it comes with an inbuilt swivel jet frother. This feature helps you to froth your milk quickly and consistently better than any machine.

De'Longhi Espresso Maker Price: $99.95 De'Longhi Espresso Maker Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 09/25/2019

We know how the temperature of the drink can affect the taste of our mouth and the drink as well. Therefore, the company thinks to designed it in a way along with temperature meter. It means it will keep both the milk and water temperature at the settings level, which is suitable for making high-quality drinks at home.

This is the perfect espresso machine you will find in our list. Unlike other brands and machine, it does not have long startup problems. However, we know that everything has some downside.

The downside of De’Longhi EC155, It will not last for more than 18 months. There are many complaints and reviews over the internet that it works well until the warranty period and there is no need to call any technician during the warranty period, but it stops working before 18 months anniversary.

I will only advice you to purchase this if the budget is an issue for you and you are good to replace the machine every year.

  • Both pods and ground espresso option
  • Swivel jet frother
  • Self-priming to avoid long startups.
  • It has separate water and steam thermostats.
  • There are some durability problems. It won’t last for more than 18 months.

3.  Unique Imports Cappuccino & Espresso Maker:

It is not only a powerful machine but also value for the money. It contains great features and power to make an extraordinary espresso for the start of your day.

In this price tag, It would be hard to beat this espresso machine by other brands. You know why? It comes with a glass decanter, which is one of the highest quality parts of this espresso machine.

Powerful steam Espresso Machine Price: $46.95 Powerful steam Espresso Machine Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 09/25/2019

The inclusion of the cool-touch handle will help the customers to save themself with any burns. This makes the customer make worry-free espresso at home.

You will find the measuring cup as well inside the purchase of your machine. This measuring cup will help in measuring the right amount of ingredients and material for a perfect morning drink.

The only downside of this espresso machine apart from the upsides is it does not froth the milk itself. Therefore, you need to buy a separate hand milk frother for making the perfect cup of the day.

  • It is Powerful enough.
  • Inclusion of Cool-touch decanter handle.
  • Measuring cup included in the box.
  • You cannot expect this machine to froth the milk well.

4.  Hamilton Beach 40715 Espresso Machine Brewer:

Hamilton Beach 40715 is another machine from the same well-renowned brand, and also it comes under the $100 budget.

It has the same features but a different espresso maker. The difference is it has good power to force the water through the espresso. Another reason, you can make up to two cups of espresso at once.

Hamilton Beach (40715) Espresso Machine Price: $73.00 Hamilton Beach (40715) Espresso Machine Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 09/25/2019

There is a reason why this machine is in the fourth position of our list. There are many downsides of using this espresso machine. The first downside of this machine is it is very loud while operating. (This is the first rejection for most of the customers).

The second downside of the machine is it vibrates a lot. It vibrates enough to make the cups started wibbling. Therefore, you need to be careful while making the cups for you.

Another downside of this machine is it is pretty slow to start compared to the other ones added in our list. It takes more than five minutes to start. You need to ask yourself and think about your budget again to choose this machine.

There are many other brands and the machines available but if you want to purchase this one then be ready to deal with such issues. It is worth to save money, but you have to deal with these issues.

  • Powerful enough.
  • Dual coffee at once.
  • Too loud compared to other espresso machines.
  • Slow to start.
  • It vibrates a lot.

5.  Mr. Coffee ECMP50-RB Espresso Machine

The last but not the least in our list is Mr Coffee ECMP50-RB. There are many same features which do match with the previous product we have added in our list.

Mr Coffee ECMP50 is a discounted model from Amazon. It has the capacity to brew two cups of espresso at once. It does this part well, but the rest of the machine is full of problems.

The frothing arm is one of them. It comes along with black rubber and covers material which reduces the ability to froth milk. It is a total confusion for most of the customers and even for us that why the company has included this part as it is working better without it.

Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot Espresso Price: $69.99 Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot Espresso Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 09/25/2019

There are many durability problems and complaints listed on the internet. The last duration of the machine is nine months only.

There are a lot more reasons that you should not consider this model. In fact, you can get a better one by slightly increasing your budget. At least, it will save you from the replacing situation every nine months.

  • Dual-shot brewing at once.
  • Subpar steaming arm
  • Durability problems

Factors to Be Considered Before Buying…

This is for those customers who have never used an espresso machine before. You might do not know about the essential features and what to look out while purchasing online. You have to understand that shopping online does not makes thing easier apart from the discounts and deals you get online.

Quality of Frother

The quality of frother is matters a lot when we look out for the online store to purchase the best espresso machine. It is generally something which can explain almost everything about the quality of any particular espresso machine.

You can take this statement as granted “If the machine has good milk frother then typically it is great espresso machine”. If the frother is on the average side then so the machine will be on the same side as well.

On the other hand, if the frother is not good at all, then this is what you can expect from the machine as well.

There are many expectations of the customer while looking for an espresso machine, but it never hurts you to search more for a machine which has a good milk frother. There are some signs that you need to look out at the pictures of the product.

There may be rubber band on the outer area of frother, and it should be fixed. It is a sign of poor milk frother of the machine, and it is better to avoid such machines.

The symbol of good milk frother is it should be adjustable and not fixed. It is because you can use it at any angle you want to.

Ease of Use

The second thing the customers mostly want is ease of use. You need to look out how easy the machine to use during operation.

There are many espresso machine models which starts quick, and on the other hand, there are some in our list as well, which starts too slow.

Another thing, some models come along with some tools to make a perfect espresso using grounds lamps and the other ones not have the tools, and it needs to fix at one place for making. Some of the models make everything perfect by locking down, and some of the models vibrate a lot.

This makes it easy for the customer what to look while purchasing an espresso machine which is convenient to use. You can compare both of the sides and find out which one is easy to use for you.

Which Espresso Machine You Should Choose?

We always look out for the things which are value for our money. Let me clear this part. Not a single machine can be the right choice for the customers.

It is better to look out for a machine which matches all the standard and the features, quality you are looking in an espresso machine.


We all love the coffee, cappuccino and espresso at once. It is difficult for us to leave this addiction. We always head to the cafeteria, coffee shops for getting our favourite coffee. However, we like the coffee but not the price tag and the bill included with it.

Therefore, it is always good to make your favourite drink at home. There are many advantages to making espresso at home. You can save a lot of money, time and you’ll be satisfied with your coffee.

The Hamilton Beach 40792 is one of the best espresso machine under $100. We know that there are 100’s of machines available over the internet and it is difficult for a person to choose the best one under their budget. Therefore, our review is all made up to help those customers to buy a perfect model of espresso maker for their home.


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