New York City has some of the best eateries in the world, and what makes it even more amazing for coffee lovers is the number of awesome coffee shops it has to choose from. It is not easy to keep up with oneself in the busiest city on earth and you need something on a day to day basis to keep you energised and fuelled. This is what makes coffee a go-to drink for most office goers. And people in New York love their coffee above all. Whether you need to pick up a cup of coffee on the way to your office or enjoy your first few sips in the morning before heading to the office – you have a plethora of options to choose from!

In this article, we share with you 15 of the best coffee shops in New York city that will make the task of selecting your favourite coffee shop easier for you.

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#1. Happy Bones

Happy Bones NYC

When you walk through Little Italy, you will come across a number of pizza parlours and exotic pasta outlets that are absolutely worth trying, but amidst all of the Italian treat is a cosy coffee shop by the name Happy Bones. In the very heart of the city, this coffee shop gives you the option to select from a wide range of coffees and teas that you will definitely not be disappointed with. The interior holds a number of interesting publications and social art as their decor and it pays homage to the culture of espresso in New Zealand in a quaint NYC style.

#2. Kobrick Coffee

kobrick coffee nyc

If you want to enjoy coffee in a place that is a blend of popular cultures of the 90s, Kobrick is the place to go. In Manhattan, across Hudson, Kobrick is the oldest coffee shop in the area and it allows customers to “taste their work” and try the different varieties of coffee available in the outlet. The service, as well as the greatness in the taste, is the talk of the town! You can also choose from a wide range of cocktails here!

#3. Third Rail Coffee

third rail coffee nyc

Third Rail Coffee is one of those coffee houses where you will come to taste your coffee but leave with a happy feeling about the culture of the place. It is one of the best breweries in New York City providing the vibe of the counterculture. It is here that you can find the best-iced lattes in town! It is also highly recommended for breakfast and baked munchies, which are great to have with your hot beverage. The coffee shop is cosy and the prices are also not too house so you won’t feel like you burnt a hole in your pocket while enjoying a cup of lip-smacking coffee which one of the finest in town.

#4. The Whynot Café

the whynot cafe nyc

Visiting The Whynot Cafe is an experience in itself. A lot of people choose to go to Napa Valley for a tour of vineyards but it is in this coffee shop that you can experience an indie culture in a coffee house, amidst a range of corporate cafes. Just like the name, the experience of coming to this place is unique in itself! The tables here are individual-sized and it is spacious enough for you and your laptop, or for your pile of books and your cup of espresso. The coffee here is the finest in town in an ambience that is comfortably social and gives you true indie culture vibe.

#5. A.B Biagi

a b biagi

The yellow entrance of A.B Biagi gives you a very summery impression and as you sense into the coffee shop amidst the hustle bustle of the busy street you will be welcomed into a casual and brightly lit atmosphere. This coffee house is a little jewel in itself and you can enjoy from a wide range of hot beverages and gelatos and escape away from the greys of NYC in this giant smiley face-like cafe.

#6. Devocion

devocion nyc

If you enjoy coffee in architecturally beautiful places, this coffee shop is the right stop for you. It is high in fashion and is designed in a way that will give you a vintage as well as rustic feel with burnt brick walls and leather sofas, which is classy at the same time. This high-class coffee house also roast Colombian beans that is served in beautiful mugs. Devocion is perhaps the best coffee house in the Williamsburg district of Brooklyn.

#7. Prodigy Coffee

prodigy coffee nyc

With its stylishly minimalistic decor, Prodigy Coffee house right next to Washington Square gives you both international flavour as well as flair. You can choose from a wide range of brews from around the world that will suit your taste. Even though space is small it has been beautifully designed, along with a striking red bench in the storefront. You can enjoy from a selection of lip smacking culinary delights to go with your hot beverage.

#8. Sweetleaf Café and Cocktail Lounge

sweetleaf cafe nyc

As the name suggests, this place offers you the best of both cocktails and hot beverages. This place offers the best coffee in Long Island City, and is undoubtedly the best espresso bar in town. You could choose to have a cup of coffee before you start with your night to five job for the day, or come to chill here with your colleagues for some cocktail drinks in the evening. On Sundays you could even come for a brunch which stays till 4 in the afternoon, and the cocktail bar is open till midnight even on Sundays.

#9. Bakeri

Bakeri Brooklyn

If you like high end tea treats and enjoy a lot of confectionery items with your coffee, Bakeri in Brooklyn is the ideal spot for you. You get to enjoy European-style breads that is baked fresh and served along with your cup of coffee. You can also choose from a lot of seasonal fruits that are fresh and tasty at the same time. There is nothing about this traditional bakery and coffee shop that you will not like – it has the best of everything from the world of coffee.

#10. Gasoline Alley

Gasoline Alley Coffee

Coffee consumption is an energiser for a lot of people which is why a lot of coffee lovers start their day with a cup of coffee. In this context, Gasoline Alley is typically a great name – a place that provides you with a plethora of options in brewery to fuel you up and suit your taste. The ambience inside the coffee house lives up to the name of the cafe – it is lively and vibrant! You can try from a number of espresso options or even choose to make your own concoction with the baristas in here.

#11. Grumpy’s

grumpy nyc

This coffee shop opened its door in 2005 in the heart of New York City. Even though the name could be a little deceiving, you will love Grumpy’s coffee shop with its class, culture and of course the coffee! It’s a mix of everything good.

#12. Estela

A well lit bright coffee house with Moroccon styled flooring and traditional Italian chairs, wooden ceiling and burnt white walls, this coffee house is a mix of everything bright and beautiful. Although it is a coffee place, this place is also recommended for dinner dates. Yes, you heard that right! The dishes in this coffee shop is delicious and decorated well to up your appetite. There are a number of desserts to choose from as well so that you can enjoy something sweet along with your coffee. Try a cup of Italian espresso along with their Mediterranean-style delight, and you will know why this cafe is highly recommended by us.

#13. Chipped Cup

the chipped cup cafe

This place will give you the old world charm of enjoying coffee in a garden seating with a traditional atmosphere. It is cozy and no matter how the weather be you can always enjoy your coffee in the garden area. Chipped Cup is not just known for their lip-smacking coffee but also their nutritious dishes. If you want a peaceful time to keep you away from the hustle bustle of a busy city, visit this cosy little coffee shop.

#14. Abraco

Abraco East Village cafe

Abraço is a Portuguese word which means hug. This cosy little coffee shop will give you the same feel when you visit it with a great barista as they serve you lip-smacking coffee. The espressos here really taste and that is not all. The baked items, as well as the food, is class apart culinary skills. The service at the counter is amazing as well. Even though you won’t find a seating area here, the hang of the place will stay with you for some time. If you do not enjoy espresso, fret not, the drip coffees are also excellent in taste.

#15. Stumptown

stumptown nyc

Stumptown cafe is in the heart of New York City and it offers you the best of South American coffee blends. The best is the Hair Blender which is again a South American coffee that will want you to ask for more. The coffee products are a good infusion of rich coffee beans and milk.

Coffee shops in New York are in thousands and you can find many of them at the click of your phone button but the joy of enjoying coffee at your favourite outlet is at another level. NYC is a busy place and the energy among the people should also match the same and in this context coffee is important for all, especially the millennial office goers. We hope this well-researched list will suffice your coffee love and make you choose your fine taste to give you the right fuel for your day to day hustle. What do you think about this list? We would love to hear your thoughts and revert back likewise.


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