Hi, I’m Grant Cardone, and I’m really glad you stopped by!

Grant CardoneAs a husband and father, my life is very busy, and as such I consume more coffee than is probably good for me.

With my love of all things coffee, I have been fascinated with the many different ways to brew coffee, whether it is a simple cup of black coffee or a fancy brew like a Cappuccino, Frappe or Iced Coffee. I research all of the different ways to brew coffee, figure out how to brew them at home and then share those ideas with you – my readers.

But my love of coffee doesn’t just stop there – I also love recipes which use coffee in one form or another, and often post a recipe using coffee. Many of these are very tasty, and if you are like me, will satisfy your craving for all things coffee.

Finally, as a consummate coffee drinker I have been very interested in the introduction and growth of single-serve coffee makers, and enjoy being able to make a single cup of coffee of my favorite blend without wasting a lot of unused coffee and coffee filters.

I have created this website as a result of my love of coffee and my research into these coffee makers, and by providing reviews of the more popular ones and some suggestions regarding how to keep them functioning I hope to provide you, my visitor, with useful and timely information.